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Getting Started

Setting up your account for the first time and adding your first camera.

How to set up your camera for the first time

Before you Setup

  1. Use only the power adapter provided with the product. Using unauthorized power adapter may cause damage to your IP Camera
  2. Camera is for indoor use only; keep away from exposure to natural elements like rain or snow.
  3. The lens is set to its optimal focus range at the factory, turning the focus range of the lens may result in out of focus images.
  4. Connect your mobile device to your home/office Wi-Fi network before initiating the first time setup for a new camera.

1. Power on your Camera

Plug the included micro USB charger adapter to a power outlet. When the device is power on, the LED light in front of the camera turns solid red. The LED will start to flash fast, while is booting and scanning for WiFi signal in the room. Wait for the camera to beep and the LED will flash slowly before continuing the setup.

2. Download the FREE mobile application

Download and install the free app from google play store for android devices or from itunes app store for iPhones or by visiting from your mobile device.



3. Create a StaySync account and add your camera

a, Create a new account by entering a valid email address and password (password must contain only letters and numbers, and between 8 and 20 characters long). A confirmation email will be send to the email provided. Activate the account by clicking Confirm Email button in the email.

b, Once the account is activated, login to your account.

c, On your first login to the StaySync, the homepage of the app will look as shown below

Click the add icon (+ sign) to add a new camera to your account.

Note: Connect your mobile device to the same WiFi that you would like to setup the camera to before proceeding to add camera.

d, After clicking the add camera icon, scan the QR Code on the back of the camera using your mobile device.

Tip: Place the camera in adequate light and hold the mobile phone approximately a feet way from the camera so as to cover the entire QR code region behind the camera. If your mobile device does not have a camera or is unable to read the QR code, click “Can’t use QRCode ?” on the bottom of the screen and proceed with the instructions shown below for manual setup.


Quick automatic setup

Simply scan the QR Code, enter the device and Wi-Fi password to complete setup

e, Once the QR code is scanned, The UID and your home WiFi name will be automatically populated on the screen.

  1. Enter the “Device Password” as “admin” (this is the factory default password, you will be able to change this later, once the device is setup.) and
  2. Enter your WiFi Password. Note: Carefully enter the password of the WiFi you like the camera to connect to avoiding any typographical errors. If there is a error in the password when you enter, the camera will not be able to connect to the WiFi once it reboots and you will need to repeat this instructions to add the camera to setup.
  3. Once the

Manual setup

Enter the UID and Wi-Fi  information manually to complete setup

*please note that the screen shot may vary slightly based on the version of the app. Please contact us at if you have any questions.


What are the Minimum System Requirements?
  1. A Wi-Fi Connection (802.11 b/g/n)
  2. High-Speed internet connection is required for remote access
  3. Android version 4.2 or later is required
  4. iOS version 8.0 or later is required
  5. Internet explorer 10 or later, Firefox
  6. Chrome app available for Win7/Win8/Win10/Mac OS


How to reset your password

If you forgot your password, you will need to reset your password as follows.

Account password

If you need to reset the password for your account, please click the “Forgot Password” link at or “Forgot your password?” link at the login page from the SyncCam app.  A password reset link will be emailed to your registered email ID and you should able to setup a new password.

Camera Password

Note: Factory default password for camera is “admin”

Each camera in your account has a password that you can modify by going to the “Camera Settings” icon from your android or iOS app.

Change Camera Password: If the camera is already connected on your mobile device

You can change the password by clicking on “Camera Settings” -> “Camera Password” icon. To change the camera password, click this column and enter the old password and the new password twice then click OK.









Reset Camera Password: If your camera is not connected to your mobile device

If your forget your camera password and your camera is no longer accessible via your mobile phone, you will need to reset your camera to the factory default settings.

Note: Resetting camera to factory settings will erase all settings in your camera including your WiFi configuration. You will need to re-add the camera to your profile once reset is complete as a new camera by following instructions at “How to add camera for the first time” (You will need to delete the camera from the profile if needed before re-adding)

To reset your camera, push and hold the Reset Button is located in the back of the camera. To perform a Reset, press and hold the Reset Button for at least 8 seconds.

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